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Dropshiphealthcare.com has been into business for past 8 years and has been successful in delivering to its commitments to its customers worldwide. We are committed team with a cumulative experience more than 10 years in the dropshipping industry hence we know exactly what affects the buying decision of a customer. Hence keeping in mind the facts we have designed a perfectly affordable and competitive pricing system which is extremely cheap and affordable. With industry best medications our prices are also very much cheap and affordable. We have been standing high in this position due to our honesty, consistence in giving the best in everything and excellent pricing of medicines which is why we are regarded as pioneered drop shippers on India. We are proud and happy to our customers happy with our products, quality and pricing. Our shipping prices are also the lowest in the industry hence we are happy to serve millions of our customers around the world. You will be happy with us for following reasons:

Our medications are tried and tested and then sold to the customers. Since we work only with reputed pharmaceutical companies hence there is no question of compromise in quality of medicines. After all our customers’ health and well being are our top most priority hence there is a strict “NO” to counterfeit medicines. Keeping in mind this purpose we are trying to expand our business so that each and every customer can avail our drop shipping service. After all our happiness lies if our customers are happy and satisfied. With a wide range of pharmaceutical products in stock there is no question of going in stock. We satisfy your each and every single requirement of pharmacy and medicine. Hence you have to just sit at one place send us orders and the rest will be taken care by us. We have kept our cost of medicine and shipping lowest so that you can add your healthy profit margin and increase the volume of your business. We are not sourcing agent we have our own ware house and staff to handle packing and shipping. Our healthcare products and medicines are manufactured to international quality standards.

  • Quality in medicines and health care products.
  • Fastest door to door shipping
  • Tracking no’s showing live within 48 hours
  • No worries of stocking of goods or warehousing. Your burden of stocking and packing is taken care by us efficiently
  • 24x7 customer support to take care of your queries and difficulties. You can contact us with instant communication such as Skype, what’s up, email and phone.
  • Large choice in medications such as generic medicines, health care products, herbal medicines, veterinary products, beauty products and branded medicines.
  • You can market your products and add any number of products quickly as we take of stocking, packing and shipping.
  • Easy for you to concentrate on other areas of work such as marketing as the shipping part is efficiently take care by us.
  • You need not pay for storing or packaging.
  • There is no minimum order quantity.
  • No hidden charges

Their safety and quality is assured before they are sold to our customers. Your medicines are packed keeping in mind the safety standard and the medicines are stored in the warehouses safe and under stringent hygienic conditions. They are handled carefully and safely so that you get your parcel damage free, safe and intact. With premium quality medicines and health care products and best drop ship solutions, we are 100% genuine pharmacy exporters and best place to satisfy your customer’s medical needs. The pharmaceutical formulations of the medications are accurate and meet the demands of each and every customer. We adjust as per your requirements so that you can derive the best benefits out of our services. Right from the price and quality you will find rate us as the best Indian medicine exporters. Working with us will give you a picture of a large selection of medications and our systematic working and ordering systematic to minimize errors. As the best pharmacy exporters we understand very well the cost acquiring new customers hence with our professional packing and order processing we make sure that you satisfy your customer’s needs and expectations and see how your business improves and sales increases leaps and bounds.

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