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Dropshiphealthcare.com a Pharmacy Dropshipper and Medicine Exporter

Dropshiphealthcare.com is proud to announce its 8 years of serving its customers around the world with best quality medications and health care products and fastest shipping service. We conduct retail drop shipping and also bulk export or whole sale shipping. We work for online pharmacy, pharmacy centers, traditional pharmacies, off line pharmacies and medicine suppliers. As the best pharmacy drop shippers in India we supply all kinds of generic, herbal and branded medicines and health care products. The online pharmacy business is expanding leaps and bounds and hence with the increasing drop shipping needs of the online pharmacy owner can be best understood and fulfilled by us. Dropshiphealthcare.com has made it convenient for online pharmacy owners to get relieved from the burden of stocking the goods and shipping while they can concentrate on the marketing part of their online business. With more than 3000 generics in stock we can satisfy your every need of medications and pharmacy dropshipping. Our dropship company has been consistent in reaching to the needs of our customers. We not only serve to online pharmacies but we can also fulfill the needs and requirement of individual customers.

With the best pricing and excellent quality medications we have spread smiles and happiness around the world. With our major clientele presence in countries such as USA, UK, Australia and south East Asia we are looking forward to expand ourselves and come closer to our clients in every nook and corner of the world in the near future. We are not a sourcing agent, but we have our own pharmacy warehouse where we store medications which is directly and safely delivered from the manufacturing unit. Right from taking orders to shipping out to the destinations we take care of each and every element of packing of your parcels. We have been regarded high in terms of our standard shipping and finest quality of medicines hence we have customers returning to us for refillments as we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and long term business. We are dynamic organization growing and expanding at a fast pace and keeping up with satisfying each and every customer requirement. As the "Best online pharmacy dropshipper" we are one of those who offer finest quality medications produced under standard and hygienic environment. We supply pharmacy stocks and medicines manufactured by reputed Pharmaceutical companies such as Aurchem Laboratories, sunrise pharmaceuticals, Lupin, Ajanta pharmaceuticals, Cadila, Ranbaxy, Cipla and many others.

Since so many years in drop shipping business we know very well what our customer needs and expects from us. Hence keeping in mind our objectives of customer satisfaction we offer:

  • 100% delivery guarantee
  • Free reshipment in case the parcel is not delivered to the customer
  • Tracking no’s provided within 24 hours which are traceable within 48 hours
  • Largest diversity in pharmacy stocks ranging from Ed medicines, men’s health, women’s health, anti depressants, pain killers, asthma medicines, cardiovascular medicines, allergy medicines, weight loss medicines, anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal medicines, hair and skin care medicines, eye care medicines, veterinary products and a lot more.
  • We never go out of stock
  • All the medications we offered are of premium quality which is produced in accordance with WHO rules.
  • We supply medicines at very affordable and competitive rates.

We maintain a transparent business relationship with our customers is we are at a leading position today in offering the best shipping service to our customers. We have hired a team of intelligent and experience staff that takes care of each and every section of your parcel packing. Your orders are collected properly and systematically in a proper order system which is then arranged systematically so that none of the orders are missed out and then are systematically sent for packaging. We take care of order processing right from the point of accepting orders till it is delivered to the customer.

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  • Whole sale shipping and Bulk medicine export

  • Pharmacy Dropshipping

  • Why dropshiphealthcare.com?

  • How do we work?

As a drop shipping firm, we are also into bulk export of pharmaceuticals and medicines. Our hassle free bulk export and whole sale drop shipping will make your customers happy as our prices are affordable and our whole sale shipping parcels are packed in such a way that they do not get torn or damaged. In a bulk shipment parcel we can ship maximum 2000 pills per parcel. We can give 100% delivery guarantee of the bulk parcels. You can be sure of the delivery of your parcels. We are also offering excellent pricing on bulk shipments. Bulk shipping for us of 2000 pills is not a great task for us as we are into this business for last 8 years and have earned customer satisfaction throughout our service.

As a leading pharmacy dropshipper of India, we make constant efforts to keep our customers happy in terms of quality, shipping and consistency. With a large selection of medications we also offer good discounts and as a pharmacy dropshipper we take safety measures. Dropshiphealthcare.com helps online pharmacy owners get the best of our services as we are offering everything from shipping, products, stocking and delivery so that he can concentrate on the marketing area of business as the rest of the burden is taken by us. With all the facilities available at dropshiphealthcare.com our customers worldwide are happy with the way we work and the products we offer. With timely delivery and minimum error order processing we take care not to make a slightest of the error. You package delivery is our responsibility till it reaches the customers doorstep. Hence our talented and professional staff packs the parcel perfectly intact and safely so that they are not damaged during transit.

If you are wishing to get reliable dropshipper there are various issues and facts which need to be taken care of. That includes prices, trustworthiness, transparency, quality in medicines and shipping and others. While you wish to choose us to dropship your orders you will be satisfied with our and every part of work due to following reasons:

  • We are 100% genuine exporters of medicines that can provide you with a wide range of each and every kind of WHO complied and FDA approved medication
  • No complaints on quality and service. We work with the best courier companies who ship your orders and secondly the medicine quality is industry best manufactured under hygienic and safe environmental conditions from reputed pharmaceutical companies such as Aurochem laboratories, Ranbaxy, Cipla, sunrise pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Your products are packed and shipped and handled with care by expert hands hence you need not worry about your order getting missed or shuffled with other parcels. We believe in minimum error free work
  • Our medicine and shipping rates are extremely affordable and are industry best.
  • Customer data is kept private and confidential
  • The medicines we ship have longer expiry so that you can use them for a longer duration or as and when required
  • We accept all kinds of payment terms such as western union/bank wire/PayPal/money gram
  • We are flexible in our work hence you can reach us anytime as we are there to cater to your needs whenever you require.
  • You need not pay for ware housing or storage as all these activities are taken care by us
  • Simple and faster order processing system
  • Tracking no’s generated within 12-24 hours of sending orders
  • are a team of 20 expertises who handle your packaging and shipping of parcels. Your medicines are stored in extremely safe and secure environment.
  • Once we receive your order we arrange them systematically so that nothing is left out and no errors happen.
  • After arranging the orders your order are sent to the packing team who are supervised for their work to avoid mistakes. They packed your medicines compact and intact so that they do not break damage or perished in transit.
  • They are packed in the enveloped and taped systematically along with the customs declaration (that declares the contents of the parcel) and weighed on the weighing machine.
  • Before taking out the parcels for shipment we count the parcels so that no order is left out and there are barcode sticking to each and every parcel for its tracking no and a proper identification.
  • Your parcels are then taken out for shipment on the same day you send orders , the tracking no’s are also booked the same day which start showing up within 48 hours
  • Your parcels are taken to the international airport where they are carefully loaded into the cargo along with the sheet containing the details of the parcels which are then shipped out to your at your doorstep safe and intact.

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